Welcome to Bronx Beautiful!


Dear Capstone Students,

Welcome to CAP 200 Bronx Beautiful! I love teaching this class and am really excited for this class and this semester. I know you might have some questions or concerns and I will be with each of you every step of the way. I think you will find the topics in this class to be really interesting and even native Bronxites who known A LOT about the Bronx might learn something; similarly, students who are new to the Bronx or don’t live in the Bronx will also find out some pretty cool information about the borough in which they go to school. Please consider yourselves co-collaborators in this course. 

Use the page links above to navigate through the course. This is an Open Educational Resource (OER) course, so everything you need is available through this course shell. 

As you look through the syllabus and course content, you will notice we are going to work on a service learning project. There are several options and you can even propose your own project; the key is that you choose something that means something to you, your family and community, and/or your future career. I cannot wait to see you all next week during our first in-person class.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or write to say hello!


Professor Hoiland

Here is a welcome video

Photo Credit: Nelson Mejia, Jr., https://www.flickr.com/photos/106718325@N07/10628275155