Hostos Resources

Scholarship Opportunities

  • Did you know that scholarships are available within Hostos once you are a student? Plan ahead for your transfer and apply! Check back as applications open and close on an ongoing basis. 
  • Click here for a full Scholarship Guide

Transfer Services

  • Are you planning to transfer? Do you know the transfer deadlines? Are you aware of all your options? 
  • Walk In Wednesdays

Hostos Information Technology Information

  • Need a loner laptop? Click the Hostos IT link above and fill out the questionnaire
  • Need access to Microsoft Word or PowerPoint? You have FREE access as a Hostos student. Lick the Hostos IT link to learn more. 

Hostos’ Family Empowerment Program (FEP) and Other Wellness Programs

Hostos Career Services

Hostos Alumni Relations

  • Contact: Mr. Felix Sanchez, D-205, 718-518-4180

Hostos Library Library

  • Need help with a research paper? Citations? 
  • Would you like a group study room? 
  • Free subscription to The New York Times or Wall Street Journal
  • Are you looking for Open Educational Resources (OERs) for your classes? 

Hostos Writing Center

  • All writers at all levels benefit from peer review! Make an appointment for an in-person or virtual session!

Hostos Academic Learning Center (HALC)

  • Did you know there are tutors for many classes at Hostos? 
  • If you want to be a tutor, there are also openings! Are you a whiz in political science? or sociology? 

Accessibility Resource Center 

  • Did you have an IEP or 504? Would you benefit from academic accommodations? 
  • Remember, students have to advocate for themselves! Your professors will not know to provide academic supports unless you ask. ARC can help!

Hostos Charles L. González Counseling Center

  • Do you know you can access high quality counseling services at Hostos? 

Hostos One Stop

  • Did you know that Hostos has a food panty? 
  • One Stop staff can help with benefits applications, financial counseling, health insurance applications, tax preparation, legal counseling and MORE